History & Background

Cambridge Programmes was established in 2004 as a natural progression to Cambridge Guardians in order to help a much greater number of students experience English academic culture in more depth with an emphasis on Cambridge. Mrs Clarke's husband, Peter and her son, Charles are both Cambridge graduates and members of Churchill College. It was here that Mr Clarke received his degree in Engineering; and Charles his degree, reading Chinese and Land Economy.

Mr Clarke, a Chartered Engineer, went on to take an MBA in Finance from Manchester Business School, and an MSc in Renewable Energy from Loughborough University. Indeed renewable energy is one of the themes of the Cambridge Science Programme. After a career in industry and banking over 25 years, Mr Clarke left the City of London to join the University of Cambridge, prior to becoming the Bursar of an independent school. He is also a former Treasurer of the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS). This is an organisation, promoting the welfare of international students, which was co-founded by Cambridge Guardians and is supported by the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

Cambridge Programmes' Director, Mrs Rebecca Clarke, has helped hundreds of overseas students since 1995 by acting as their Legal Guardian while they are being educated at U.K. Boarding schools. Mrs Clarke has often been instrumental in helping parents identify the most suitable school for their children since she has deep understanding and knowledge of the U.K. education system. These students continue on to the best U.K. universities.

Mrs Clarke has also worked in the Bursary at Girton College, the Conference Office and the Admissions Office at Sidney Sussex College, constituent parts of Cambridge University. Indeed, it is this hands-on experience coupled with her earlier career as Vice-President of an international bank in Hong Kong that gives Mrs Clarke her particular ability to set up and manage a successful Summer Programme, enabling young people to have a unique taste of Cambridge University life.

Cambridge & Churchill College

Our Senior Programmes are based in Churchill College, one of the thirty-one Colleges which make up Cambridge University. Churchill College was built in 1960 as a memorial to Sir Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War II, as well as a Nobel Prize winner in Literature. The College has a strong focus on science, engineering and technology. Twenty-eight of its members have won Nobel Prizes.

Fitzwilliam College

Fitzwilliam College received its Royal Charter in 1966, 97 years after it was founded in the centre of Cambridge as Fitzwilliam House specifically to broaden access to the University. It is now a vibrant modern College whose motto "the best of the old and the new" matches perfectly with the vision of Cambridge Programmes. The College is giving a warm welcome to our Junior Programme.