Our Team

Our Founding Members

Rebecca Clarke,
FRSA Director

Peter Clarke, MA (Cantab),
MBA, MSc, CEng Director

Our Directors of Studies

Mr Christopher Green
Deputy Director of Cambridge Programmes
Director of Cambridge Junior Programme
Director of Studies for Academic English and English Literature Programmes

Dr Eliza McIntosh
Director of Studies for Science Programme

Mr Tom Hawker
Director of Studies for Law Induction Programme


Dr Kourosh Saeb-Parsy
Director of Studies for Medicine

Teaching Staff and Mentors

All our teaching staff are drawn either from the University of Cambridge or top UK independent schools. Our staff are carefully selected to reflect both their subject expertise and their ability and experience in communicating effectively with students whose first language may not be English.

  • What makes Cambridge Programmes so unique is that we have a brilliant Mentoring system. Each Mentor looks after, on average, only six participants.
  • Mentors are Cambridge and Oxford educated graduates and undergraduates carefully chosen to look after, teach and arrange educational and fun activities for our participants.
  • Not only are our Mentors academically brilliant, they are talented in music, sport, drama and debate and are therefore true “Role Models” for our participants over the two weeks.
  • Many of them have teaching experience already either in the UK or overseas. The Mentors we choose are simply the best. They are amongst the brightest and the most accomplished students in these top two Universities.

Our Mentors

Our Mentors are Undergraduates and Graduates carefully selected from a competitive field of the top students at Cambridge University. Some of our Mentors are Music Scholars from King’s College or Trinity College. Some play sport at the highest level and are awarded Cambridge Blues.

Many of these Mentors have already had solid teaching experience. All are experts in their respective disciplines which are tailored to suit each Programme. They provide teaching and pastoral care to our students 24/7. One mentor typically looks after six students throughout the Programme. They are the perfect role models for our students.

Our Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is such an important aspect of our Programme that we have an experienced Matron in College to look after our students’ needs in case they are unwell.

Our Teachers

We have a committed group of passionate subject teachers on our Staff from the top academic schools in and around Cambridge as well as distinguished lecturers from Cambridge and other Universities.

Supplementing such brilliant morning lessons with afternoon “supervisions” from Cambridge Undergraduates is our model for superb learning to inspire our students.