What our students say!

What our students say!

“My Mentor is really a genius not only in science, but also in music. He has really great talent and I find him a fantastic person to learn from”.

“Being in Cambridge has given me a dream, so close that I can touch, I can smell, and I can live in. A taste of university life is so sweet and that is what I’m longing for”.

“I think it was really English and traditional to read Pride & Prejudice in the garden. The scent of the grass and the sunshine refreshed my mind, and I felt like I tend to learn a lot more in this way.”

“During the time here, I have learnt many things. Not only on the science aspects, but on how we can lead a meaningful life. The learning atmosphere here is very strong; the teachers are brilliant and kind. Many things taught in the Programme are totally new for me. They are challenging and I feel really excited.”

“Here in Cambridge we are encouraged to think critically instead of memorising things without absorbing the knowledge. Despite the fact that when we arrived we were shy, we have become more open-minded and gained a lot of confidence in our abilities. We have even set our sights on applying to Oxbridge as we have been inspired to aim high.”

“Therefore, we would hereby want to conclude by saying thank you to our beloved Mentor, Kat, who has been guiding us throughout our experiences in Cambridge, and Mr Taylor, for his inspiring and fascinating lessons! Finally, we must not forget to mention Mr and Mrs Clarke for their wonderful organisation of the programme.”

“And above all, I enjoyed my time at Cambridge, and I am now determined to enter a world class University like Cambridge. To achieve this goal, I will apply the skills in studying and learning from the lessons to my future learning. Also, I will put more stress on extra-curricular activities, so as to have an all rounded development. I will get to more study trips and get accustomed to more cultures, so as to broaden my horizon and increase my exposure. I am going to strive hard for my ambitions from this trip on”.

Academic Achievement

Each student’s academic progress is constantly monitored and recorded by their Mentors.

The end result is a Record of Achievement Certificate, highlighting both what the student has learned and how the student could make further improvements.