On Arrival

 Arrival Orientation

  • On arrival, you will be given a map of the College and your mentor will take you to your bedroom and show you the dining hall, classrooms, supervision room, common room (for evening events / activities).


  • You are all accommodated in single student rooms at Churchill College or Fitzwilliam College
  • Boys and girls are on separate staircases or floors. It’s strictly forbidden for boys to go into girls’ rooms or vice versa.
  • A mentor will live in the same block as you.


  • All meals will be provided in the college hall except when we go out for outings.
  • All tap water is very safe for drinking so bring along a water bottle to refill for outings.


  • Your mentor will show you how to operate the washing machines if you need to do some washing.
  • It usually costs a couple of pounds for washing and drying your clothes.

Other things to bring

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone. Wifi is available in College.
  • Personal toiletries e.g. shower gel, shampoo.
  • Lesson materials e.g. notebook, pencil case, colour pens and pencils.
  • Buy some small souvenirs for your Mentors.

Mentoring system

  • Students are divided into mentor groups.
  • The average is one mentor per six students.
  • Mentors are undergraduates or graduates of Cambridge and Oxford Universities.
  • They will look after you 24/7, as well as organising activities and providing assistance to teachers.